Cinematographers from all corners of the world have seen many interesting compositions of life through their viewfinders and recorded them to share with us all. For the first time, this unique photo exhibition unites virtually all the international cinematographer’s societies under the ASC–IMAGO collaborative umbrella.
IMAGO (the European Federation of Cinematographers) is celebrating its 25th anniversary in collaboration with the ASC (the American Society of Cinematographers) with an exhibition of still photographs submitted by its member societies from around the world. CAMERIMAGE and Galeria Miejska bwa have offered a superb exhibition space for this exhibition, which will take place on 12th–19th November.
Enjoy the varied artistic photographic views from a united world of cinematographers. Join us for a celebratory drink on Wednesday, 15th November at 19:00.
Since the best birthday gifts are the ones you give, if one of the IMAGO photographs inspires you, bid on it at the auction via – 100% of the winning bids will go to SOS Children’s Villages in Poland and worldwide.

It is my hope that Camerimage has helped cinematographers become more recognised and appreciated as artists. For 25 years now, we have been explaining to our audiences how the cinematographer’s work completes a film in ways inaccessible to dialogue, acting, directing, set design, and editing.
In this line of work, everything starts with the skilful placement of the camera and creating the right composition of the frame. That is why I encourage you to see the exhibition of stills by cinematographers of the ASC and IMAGO. I would like to stress that the first meeting of these two associations took place during the opening of our Festival in 1993. It was then that IMAGO was created, initiated by Vittorio Storaro, who presided over the jury. Another member of the jury was Victor Kemper, President of the ASC. He took the opportunity to encourage a dialogue between cinematographers from Europe and the US – a dialogue concerned with copyrights and occupational requirements as well as the artistic values and technological conditions of the art of cinematography. I am glad to know that this cooperation has been flourishing now for 25 years. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the members of IMAGO many artistic successes, Golden Frogs at the upcoming instalments of the Camerimage Festival, Oscars, and many other awards at festivals which have followed in Camerimage’s footsteps and begun to recognise and appreciate the creativity of cinematographers.

Marek Żydowicz, ASC, bvk
Festival Director

The Frozen World of Cinematographers
Usually cinematographers frame moving action at 1/25th of a second. In this still photo exhibition, they freeze reality at up to 1/1000th of a second.
IMAGO’s members are cinematographers, but more often than not they are artists of still photography as well.
For several years we have become accustomed to seeing many of their films and how they expertly frame moving images. Here at this unique Camerimage exhibition, we will get the opportunity to see how they choose to frame still-life images through their camera lenses, and what motifs and angles fascinate them most.
Many of the artists that have created the images are already cinematography legends. To see how the great visual experience of cinematographers from around the world transfers to still images is an experience you should not miss.

Paul René Roestad, FNF, President of IMAGO

Exhibition: 12.11.2017 – 19.11.2017
20 Gdańska St.

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