Festival Synthesis of Arts is a joint venture of three cultural institutions that are extremely important for Bydgoszcz and the region: University of Technology and Life Sciences (UTP), Municipal Gallery bwa and the Pomeranian Philharmonic Hall. The aim is to present the people of the city the artistic potential generated every day by these institutions and to raise awareness of the strength and quality of Bydgoszcz in this respect.
Pomeranian Philharmonic Hall is a place of education of the musical sensitivity of highest quality, where one communes with the art at the highest stage of sublimation. This place one of the prides of Bydgoszcz has won international fame, due to the wisdom of the repertoire, the level of performances and the high class of its own staff and invited soloists.
University of Technology and Life Sciences, educating engineering staff also educates the savvy intellectual humanist sensibility, without which creating progress and innovation would not have the foundation of creative consciousness that is necessary for setting design objectives and sublimation of needs. For years, UTP has been organising art exhibitions and regular jazz concerts; it supports and is responsible for numerous activities in the field of culture. For the past six years, there’s been the Design study at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, training industrial designers through a unique program that integrates technical concepts with thinking in terms of art so that intellect, knowledge and imagination were the catalysts of one another, generating new values. An important element of this program is the area of art it is necessary to develop the imagination. Being imaginative is the key to understanding and articulating the needs of people and to finding ideas for rational ways of meeting them as beautiful or smart objects.
The Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz is also a unique institution of great importance in the country, that consistently and coherently presents the city community with contemporary art in the variety of disciplines, directions and trends. This approach to promoting art allows the audience to learn, analyse and develop their own opinions, while underlining the diversity and multiplicity of reasons and opportunities for articulation of ideas through art.
Articulation of Thoughts is a bridge linking these three institutions. The Synthesis of Art Festival is a symbol of identity and understanding, and Human Thought is a peculiar sign of awareness for this to happen, a Thought needs to be articulated. A kind of code or language is necessary for this, the language that one needs to have to speak and to read the stored content. These languages are painting, graphics, sculpture, music, as well as objects from the domain of design.
The Thoughts at the festival will be presented by artists teachers, students and graduates of the Design study, as well as the invited friends and guests, together with the Japanese violinist Miki Kobayashi and the staff of the Pomeranian Philharmonic Hall. I invite you to read Thoughts together…
Prof. Wojciech Hora
Exhibition open until 28.04.2013

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