Reminiscences Of A Journey – Studies
The presented works were inspired by an “echo of memories” hidden in subconsciousness. It’s while wandering the paths of sunny Crete or big-city Barcelona that I’m looking for a new creative impulse for my drawing and painting compositions. The aftermath of the memories is presented sensationally, structurally and abstractly, combining them in a cycle of works depicting “internal space closed in a format” and “external space open to the imagination of memories”
Ewa Miller
Born on January 5, 1955, in Łukowo. Studied at the Faculty of Artistic Education of the State College of Fine Arts in Poznan. Graduated in 1995. Does painting, drawing and graphics art. The author of ten individual exhibitions. Driving force behind cultural and educational activities. Runs a Workshop of Drawing, Painting, Graphics and Visual Arts in the Youth Culture Club No. 5 in Bydgoszcz. She cooperates with the local circles in organising artistic actions and interdisciplinary activities; she initiated the art competitions “Bydgoszcz — Queen of Athletics” organised together with the European Cup and the World Junior Championships in Athletics. Member of the Bydgoszcz Art Society educational activities in visual arts as a part of city and local actions “Eko” of the Centre of Ecological Education in Myślęcinek; author and curator of the project of Bydgoszcz interdisciplinary activities “Artyści Mieszkańcom- Mieszkańcy Miastu” (Artists for the Citizens – Citizens for the City)

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