The “Workshop for girls” exhibition is the result of the analysis of the current character of the work of Polish female designers. An opportunity to take stock of the changes in the design market was the 30th anniversary of the political changes that took place in Poland after 1989. The main idea of the exhibition is to present the first generation of Polish women who have managed – on such a scale – to develop their private design practice. The exhibition is intended to illustrate the current situation of designers, a generation of 30-year-old, working in the capitalist system.
The starting point for the exhibition was the workshop of contemporary female designers. Understood both as a place – a design studio, a workshop where their projects are created, as well as craftsmanship skills that they use in their work and the tools they use every day. The above-mentioned components influence the shape of their implementation, projects. Such a broadly understood workshop is a base for them, plays a key role and proves the quality of manufactured products.
Due to the specific nature of the objects on display – specific for different workshops – the exhibition has been divided into four thematic sections corresponding to different design disciplines: ceramics and glass, furniture and accessories, graphics and fabric and clothing.
We also invited girls to co-create the exhibition: curators, activists, animators who create the image of contemporary design daily, preparing exhibitions and events that build the image of our visual culture. The initiatives, activities, projects, discussion panels and local and national trade fairs they organise have an impact on the general state of awareness of design in Poland today.

09.10.2020 – 15.11.2020
20 Gdańska St.

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