How can interior architecture interact with its user? How have the events of the last few years affected the way the space is created? How much potential is there in turning architecture towards nature and how can the space created affect social relations? Over the past year, these and many other questions have been attempted to be answered by the now graduates of the Interior Design course at the PBŚ in Bydgoszcz. Over the past two semesters, they have worked with the lecturers leading the graduation workshops on projects in the areas of exhibitions, architecture, furniture and graphic design, which is often an important supplement to the complex design of a specific space. Many of the themes taken up stem from the author’s own identity and often an emotional connection to a particular place. Sensitivity and a simple concern for the space that surrounds us left a strong impression on each of the projects presented. Despite the wide variety of diplomas on display, the leitmotif of many projects at this year’s exhibition is an attempt to blur the boundary between the natural world and architecture. This is due to the increasingly noticeable need to get in touch with nature and to find a certain balance between the online and offline worlds.
You are cordially invited to visit the exhibition in the space of the Municipal Gallery bwa at 20 Gdańska St.
curators: Agnieszka Walther, Ariel Śliwiński
coordination: Danuta Pałys

06.09.2022 – 09.10.2022
Gdańska 20

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