The Andy Warhol exhibition in the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz is accompanied by presentation of works by young Slovak artists. Martin Kudla and Rado Repický are students of the last year of the Department of Fine Arts and Intermedia at the Faculty of Art in Ko¹ice.

Daniel Brogyányi is that type of an artist who can very critically and painfully ponder over whether his artistic act is good or just unnecessary. And that’s exactly when many of the modern „messengers” of art palpably and distinctly borders on imitativeness and some artistic foolishness, even when they consider themselves “new”. […]
When Brogyányi „paints” a green pig against a red background with one ear bitten by a man, he isn’t painting the pig for some agricultural cooperative, but a creative result which changes the whole process of perception into ćsthetic perception of a work of art. That’s because Dan’s pig is the first, and so far, the only pig in the world with the „privilege” of appearing in a picture in such a content.
Some „obsession” of Brogyányi to create thematically uniform cycles of portraits leads him to the subject that from an analytic point of view can be understood in different ways. From history of nations and nationalities we know, who bore what cross in their history. Maybe that’s because in recent years Brogyányi devoted himself quite seriously, but not dramatically or with cheap reminiscences of past pains to portraying of famous Jews living in Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic… The first, and it seems artistically the best and most meaningful is the complete cycle „Ten famous Jews of Slovakia today” (property of the Municipal Council of Medzilaborce, the works were leased for the exhibition of the Andy Warhol’s Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce). Possibly, Brogyányi „sinned” because he thematically took over the similarity of Warhol’s „Ten Portraits of 20th Century Jews” and that might be his sin, but he didn’t make a fool of himself. Using the mix media technique, he created a unique cycle, as if a visual/content “leporello” about people who long deserved to be put into an artist’s painting. In the end, a large portion of Andy Warhol’s art, called ART FROM ART, is something similar, with that one difference that Warhol took over the visualisations of the old masters and transformed them visually for his own use. Brogyányi takes from Warhol just the motif of „act” the subject which he creatively works out in a peculiar way.
Dr Michal Bycko

Martin Kudla’s works keep the viewer’s sight seemingly on the surface of the painting, on the realistically painted clothes and linear self-portraits blended into formally pared-down brushstrokes. Martin Kudla deals with the issue of an artist’s identity and his position in the society.

Rado Repický, inspired by the Outsider Art, Dadaism, comics and Zen Buddhism, tries to free himself of stereotypes and conventional structures, puts emphasis on fantasy and freedom combined with admiration for the art by so far uncurbed by the culture or the society children or mentally ill. Repický is engaged in an improvised visual dialogue, does in a daring and uncontrollable way, by inventing or discovering adventures and worlds that are potentially present in different objects of everyday use and on the clean surface of the canvas.

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