Musical con-front-actions
a meeting with student composer

The concept of creating “Muzyczne Con-front-akcje” was born in 2007, among the students active in the Artistic and Scientific Club of the Faculty of Composition, Theory of Music and Direction of Sound at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz.

The event was brought to life through the desire to present the wide spectrum of young composers’ art outside their Alma Mater, and thus to present an enormous diversity of sound concepts embodied in musical tissue. The name of the concert does not seem to be accidental, as the event is set not only to exhibit the different creative attitudes and approaches, but also to confront them, to show that “the different” does not have to be closed in its own drawer, quite the opposite – they can function together, expose the many trends of artistic quest.
The first concert of this kind took place last May, in the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz. It consisted of pieces representing various musical genres, styles and ćsthetics, from short pieces for the piano in the Impressionist style, to vitalistic piano pieces, to compositions for tape, compositions for tape and piano, to live electronics (works in the vein of electro-acoustic music), compositions for solo violin and to a choral. Since the event was very popular and well received, it was decided that it will be repeated.
The next concert of the “Con-front-akcje muzyczne” cycle in the Municipal Gallery bwa will consist of vocal, vocal and instrumental, as well as instrumental pieces by young, talented and quite often appreciated artists, such as Jędrzej Rochecki, Michał Szulecki, Michał Dobrzyński, Marcin Gumiela, Grzegorz Hinczewski, Ireneusz Kuźlak, Łukasz Godyla, Łukasz Urbaniak, Anna Górska, Barbara Filipowska, Tomasz Świerk, Rashid Brocca. Admission free

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