„CHINaRT” one of the biggest European presentations of contemporary art from China can be already seen also in Poland. After Museum Küppersmühle Sammlung Grothe in Duisburg, Museo Arte Contemporanea in Rome and Ludwig Museum in Budapest, the exposition came to BWA Gallery in Bydgoszcz.
It is the only presentation of this exhibition in Poland (afterwards, itll be shown in Casa Asia in Barcelona). From January 26th to March 28th 2004 r., on a display area of almost 1000 m2, spectators will have the opportunity to see the works of several artists living in China. Almost all disciplines of contemporary art are represented from painting to sculpture to drawing to photography, installations and video presentations. Dynamically evolving Chinese art has become ubiquitous on the European market. It has brought about not only the change in the status of the work of art, but also of the Chinese artists themselves. Although the exhibition is „made in China” and we can see the artists pursuit of maintaining their cultural independence, there is no way of ignoring the influences of European culture in it, with its symbolism of McDonald, Coca-Cola or portable computers. All taboos, interfering in both the form and the meaning of a Chinese work of art, disappear. The rule: „You are as good as your master if you copy his manner of painting” no longer holds. It is worth giving attention here to the concept of imitation, which until recently was considered as a principle of young artist work. In the European culture this phenomenon is sometimes called plagiarism. Long gone are also the times when Chinese artists spoke using the traditional forms of artistic expression learned at academies, such as painting, graphic art, drawing, sculpture. Currently, installation or video presentation makes it easier to present in a more direct way changing structures, social problems and consumption dependence, with typical subjects of contemporary globalised civilisation (contraception, AIDS, drug addiction). Honorary patronage over the exhibition: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Peoples Republic of China in Poland Mr. Yuan Guisen Chairman of the Provincial Board of Kujawy and Pomorze – Waldemar Achramowicz President of the City of Bydgoszcz Konstanty Dombrowicz The media patronage: exclusive radio patronage Radio ZET exclusive press patronage Gazeta Wyborcza TV patronage TVP 3 Bydgoszcz

Exhibition: 2004.01.26 – 2004.03.28

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