September 16th, 2011, 6pm – presentation of the movie attended by the director
“DEKLARACJA NIEŚMIERTELNOŚCI” (DECLARATION OF IMMORTALITY) – directed by Marcin Koszałka, 29 minutes, Poland, 2010)
The main character of the movie is Piotr “Szalony” Korczak, one of the best alpinists. The director focuses on the decline of the great master’s career, provoking him to ponder on what his life is going to be like once he is unable to climb anymore. It’s a heart-breaking story about inability to getting used to old age and about the desire to be immortal.
2010 – Krakow (Krakow Film Festival) – Award of the Audience
2011 – Chicago (International Film Festival) – the silver Hugo in the Best Documentary category
2011 – Trento (International Film Festival) – the main award, “Silver Gentian”, for the “best artistic and technical contribution”
2011 – Gdansk (Gdansk DocFilm Festival) – a honourable mention
2011 – Karlove Vary (International Film Festival) – award for the best documentary of up to 30 min

September 16th, 2011, 7.30pm
a set of film studies by the students of the PWSFTviT in Lodz

September 18th, 2011, 6pm – presentation of the movie attended by the director
at 4pm – before the movie presentation – meeting with the director, Andrzej Fidyk
“YODOK STORIES” – directed by Andrzej Fidyk, 82 minutes, (prod. Norway/Poland, 2008) Yodok is the name of one of the North-Korean concentration camps. Among North-Korean refugees in Seoul Andrzej Fidyk found a theatre director and persuaded him to make a play about the camp life. For the play they engaged former prisoners of the camp who managed to escape to South Korea. Seven people participate in the process of creating the play, the script of which is based on their experiences. This is the face of the totalitarianism in North Korea, where several hundred thousand people are kept in camps.
2008 – Warsaw, “Planete Doc Review” Film Festival, award of the Youth Jury
2009 – Jerusalem, the International Film Festival – the main award in the “In the Spirit of Freedom” category
2010 – Los Angeles, Polish Film Festival – Hollywood Eagle Documentary Award

Preparation and coordination of the film programme: Remigiusz Zawadzki – the CAMERA OBSCURA festival; cooperation: PWSFTviT Lodz

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