Beata Kaźmierczak is the winner of the 3rd place in the Polygonum competition in 2007.

Beata Kaźmierczak is the winner of the 3rd place in the Polygonum competition in 2007. For the exhibitions, the jury selected 18 artists from Kujawsko – Pomorski region, awarding three prizes. The sheer fact of being qualified for the exhibition was a great distinction and approval for the artistic activities. Winning the award emphasizes the importance of the activities of the awarded artist in the landscape of the artistic milieu of our region.
The recognition received by Beata Kaźmierczak is a great chance for her to present her art at an individual exhibition, accompanied by this catalogue. The exhibition presents Beata’s works from the recent years. We will not see her first forms on paper close to an abstract language of expression. We’ll see later ones, created in an opposition to the first works. They started another stage of artistic struggle. These works present a stubborn combat to open the door to a new space of thinking about painting. The date back to 2003 and 2004. They’re undoubtedly very close to abstract perception of everyday life. Having broken the limit, of first artistic experiences, Beta traverses many paths in her artistic creation. She touches upon a space of momentary matter and time. A significant influence on Beta’s reactions is from the people she meets, her experiences of place and situation. Through all this, the artist become brusque and not too sublime. Yu can say a normal one, with one little flaw – she doesn’t escape too far from the funnel’s inside. She doesn’t want to be poured, but not always succeeds. She’s also far from being directly recognized. I guess that’s good, actually, that IS very good. It’s proof of her unlimited abilities, as well as of the unrestictedness of her artistic world.
What does she tell and announces with her painting? The importance of the inner world, importance of metaphysics in our brutal world full of willingness to compromise and subject oneself to the ritual of daily life. It’s a very important attitude, even though not accepted in the intricacies of modernity novelties. It’s softness, validated by the strength of evaporating the nonsense. Going through figurativeness, or through less representational ways, is always close to flashes of emotions, which in itself seems unrealistic. On the other hand, entering seemingly unrepresented spaces – I mean the latest works – blurs the border between the unreal and the real. Their plausibility is certain and real. But their un-literality is real, as well. So what are those paintings towards such vagueness? They’re a questions about ourselves. About our truth of our inner world of righteousness and illicitness. The world of dreams and desires. The judgment of our individual, obscured, unexpressed, uncompromising ego in the context of every bit of the space around us. And, additionally, she uses very modern form of new painting. And let it be so.
Wacław Kuczma, Director of Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz

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