Anna Kola’s art is characterised by her remarkable ability to suggest the phenomena which are difficult to define; she is active in numerous artistic areas with great freedom and amazing know-how. This multithreading, merging, or penetration of the media becomes obvious when one gets to know the author’s reference point, how she sees everything that surrounds her, that becomes a value for her.
As the author herself says, the inspiration for her is everything that exists around her, the old tree trunks that she discovered, moss-covered erratic granites, blades of grass, shimmering water, constantly changing sky. We all know that beauty of the world is a matter of controversy, it’s a creation perceived as a dialogue with the environment, hence the frequently emerging elements such as light, space, sea. Living close to nature, the author reclaims it in a way, by selecting the places where she wants to stay, identifying herself with them or deepening the ties with them, and creates her own language. These material combinations are relevant and compelling, resulting in compositions with a unique, personal message.[…]
Prof. Anna Bem-Borucka

Anna Kola studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, specialising in art teaching. Graduated in 1997, her diploma was awarded the Tymon Niesiołowski Medal, in the Studio of Graphic Design of Prof. Edward Saliński; annex in photography and stained glass under Prof. Romuald Drzewiecki.
Since 1997, employed at the Department of Intermedia Art of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University.
She got her PhD in visual arts (graphics) in 2005, and her post-doctoral degree in fine arts in 2014.
Since 1998, member of the Association of Polish Artists, and since 2008, Association of Polish Photographers.
Deals with photography, graphics, stained glass, art glass and actions on the border of the various disciplines of the arts.
She is the author of 18 individual exhibitions and participated in over 100 group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Exhibitions is 3rd award of Polygonum 3.

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