Różowe drzewo 2013; olej płótno, 200x150_fot. Wojciech Woźniak, (fragment)

The retrospective exhibition of Aleksandra Simińska’s paintings will showcase almost 100 works by the artist, starting with the earliest ones from the 1980s, up to the latest paintings from the “Aleppo” series. Aleksandra Simińska is inspired by both nature and the works of the masters of European painting. The artist moves freely in areas that have already been censored as “closed” and “unattractive” for the contemporary artist, and finds in them still living tissue for building her own painting. Mythological themes, vanitative symbolism, comments on the dramatic events of the present day, as well as threads referring to personal experiences often appear in her paintings. She creates series of works – among them: Double Landscape, Conversations with Other Painters, Islands, Interiors with a Box, Maenads, Aleppo.
Aleksandra Simińska’s painting message is objective, devoid of emotions. The artist does not analyse, but tries to arrive at a synthesis of reality; concentrates on what is general and unchangeable. Regardless of the source of inspiration – observation of nature, reflection on the passing of time, or looking at the works of great masters of European painting – she builds space using large surfaces of colour reduced to simple geometric shapes. She consistently applies the principles of linear perspective and strives to achieve harmony in the architectural image. Her favourite motifs are recurring archetypes: an architectural detail, a chest, an empty house interior, mysterious boxes, a sandbox, a catafalque, a window, a tree, a field, a road.
Danuta Pałys
Honorary patronage over the exhibition has been assumed by the President of Bydgoszcz – Mr. Rafał Bruski
a retrospective exhibition
curator of the exhibition: Danuta Pałys

Beginning: 26.04.2019, 6pm
20 Gdańska St.
End: 02.06.2019

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