Usually I paint from nature, going in the direction of a reliable study. My goal is to continuously improve my technique, to improve myself strive for perfection in every area.
My works have been expressing fascination with a simple thing that from a servile role becomes a primary phenomenon. I paid utmost attention to trivial objects, painstakingly bringing out the beauty hidden in their structure and matter. I marvel at the world around us.
My painting is in a sense an expression of humility and respect for the centuries-old tradition; on the other hand, it is a quiet, very intimate contemplation, a therapy, stopping in the rush of reality, searching for purity in the hard work.
A large part of my paintings are monochromatic images in a monochromatic range of colours narrowed to shades of white and gray. This asceticism is a task undertaken consciously, it’s a decision based on a classic desire to one’s own abilities in confrontation with self-imposed convention. White in my paintings is symbolic. It comes from the rich Christian symbolism.
Every now and then I go back to the motif of landscape. The biggest pleasure for me is to quickly sketch the environment around me with changing light, wind, heat, insects, and other factors forcing the synthesis, quick decisions, "alla prima" and operate various tools. Most of my landscapes are small sizes, more sketches than finished studies." (Agnieszka Krawiec)

Agnieszka Krawiec (Stańczyk) was born in Piła in 1979. Graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz. In 1999—2005, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, at the Faculty of Painting and Graphics Art. Graduated with honours in painting under Prof. M. Świeszewski, studied stained glass under Prof. A. Dyakowski.

opening of the exhibition: 07.11.2012, 5pm
During the opening of the exhibition there will be a violin concert by Maciej Jaroń (Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz).
Exhibition open until February 7th, 2013.

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