Pal się kochanie

The history of Polish folk cut-outs began in the mid-19th century. This traditional art inspired the artist to create a contemporary take on cut-outs. In the past, cut-outs were made with sheep shearing scissors, but Agata uses a more precise tool – nail scissors. For the more complicated and asymmetrical work, she uses a knife – a small nod to Jewish and Chinese cut-outs, of which she is a big fan.
The motifs she creates are decidedly different from traditional folk cut-outs. Her cut-outs are quite intimate, touching on her private stories.
The specially prepared paper for the cut-outs is treated with the author’s technique, the waxing makes the colour deeper and three-dimensional, and the artist’s work is very painterly.

The Evil Good Lady, single-handedly battling domestic mould (genes can’t be fooled).
She would love to take a break from herself, but that is not an option.
This event is sponsored by the colours red, pink, orange and black.
The colour vibrates and does you good, and pisses you off at the same time.
The landscape invades the house.
The end.

Agata Marchlewicz – graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at University of Art, artist, special educator. She is fascinated by naive art and the work of folk artists. For the past few years, she has been creating original cut-outs under the pseudonym Cięta Córa. She is a member of the association of contemporary craftsmen “Nów Nowe Rzemiosło”.
curator: Karolina Rybka

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