From September 15th, the Brda gallery (under the patronage of Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz) will host a painting exhibition by Agata Koczan, „Open Image.” „The presented pictures come from the „Noise” series, which I’ve been painting since the beginning of 2014. On the surface, these images do not represent anything. They’re compilations of colour patches and lines. However, the forms that these two basic components take, create new entities and a variety of paths for interpretation. A patch is the pure colour of the background. It’s a vibrating colour, living its own, intense life. It’s also a background for the line drawing. In my painting, I decided to treat these two elements as one. The lines are as intense in colour as the patches. The line is no longer just a drawing; it’s an equal component of the painting, it creates the painting with its colour. While painting, I always kept the same order of applying the paint, so that the line evenly covers the patch, and, observed from a sufficient distance, becomes a patch itself. This creates a kind of optical illusion. Our sight has to adapt to drizzle, to a peculiar noise caused by the equivalent of all the elements of the painting whose planes permeate. This mutual permeation enlivens the elements of the painting which seem to vibrate, become liquid and lively. And it was this effect of liquidity that inspired me. I was wondering how to convey the movement of not only water, but of everything that lives and grows, of everything that is natural. I decided that multiplication, repeatability of the theme and the equal character of these features will be the common features that to a great extent will present my interests. The „Noise” series is strictly inspired by nature. One could say that the series represents the nature, but it’s a representation so deeply reduced that the true forms of real things disperse and blur, revealing their true meaning.”
(Agata Maria Koczan)

Agata Koczan, born on September 8th, 1986, in Braniewo. Graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun — painting, specialised in stained glass, ; diploma with honours in 2014. Individual exhibitions: „Noise”, Nad Wisłą Gallery, Toruń 2014; „Balc”, Czarna Dziura Gallery, Toruń 2010; Painting Exhibition, Cafe Mount Blanc, Toruń 2010; Exhibition of paintings and drawings, City Centre of Culture, Tychowo 2007; Group exhibitions: „Diplomas 2014”, Centre for Contemporary Art „Signs of the Times”, Toruń 2015; Biennial in Wenecja Cieszyńska, Cieszyn 2014; „Sights of Toruń”, Artus Court, Toruń 2011; „Colour of Sound, Sound of Colour”, 011 Gallery, Toruń 2010; plein air workshops and scholarships: Artistic Scholarship of the President of the City of Toruń, 2015; International Plein Air workshop „Sights of Toruń”, Toruń 2012; International Painting Workshops „Revealing the Spirit of Florence”, Florence, 2011; Studentenwerk Göttingen Scholarship, Göttingen, 2009; 1st Interdisciplinary Plein Air Workshop „Colour of Sound, Sound of Colour”, Wołkowyja, 2009 Exhibition open until 14.01.2016

opening of the exhibition 15.09.2015, 5pm
during the opening a concert performed by Joanna Olczyk (cello)
curator – Danuta Pałys

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