The exhibition A-21 the JAPAN ART presents works of 50 contemporary artists from the artistic ensemble A-21 of Osaka (A-21 stands for Asia – 21st century). The exhibition is interdisciplinary – it presents painting, photography, objects, installations and videos by the Japanese artists. The unique culture of Japan has been expressed here using both the traditional and modern multimedia techniques.
The way the Japanese culture evolved has been influenced by the insular character, as well as the nature and climate of this country. It is the more difficult to understand the art and ćsthetics of Japan, as this country for a very long time was not in touch with the European culture. The basic principles of the Japanese ćsthetics are connected to the relationship of man to passing away and nostalgic dialogue with the nature. The ćsthetic ideals of Japan were built on the concepts of frailty, futility and changeability of phenomena. The Japanese tradition uses here a phrase “sorrow of things”. It results from the belief in the necessity of harmonious coexistence with the nature, from which a man comes out and to which he returns. The repeating changes of the nature suggested thoughts of incertitude of human existence. This element of impermanence is considered in the Japanese ćsthetics as a necessary condition of beauty. However, the relationships toward the nature were always permeated with the admiration rather than with fear of it.
The exhibition “A-21 the JAPAN ART” shows the way in which centuries-old tradition and ćsthetic principles translate into the language of modern Japanese art, to what degree the history and geographic location of Japan determined the autonomy of this art, and to what extent it is penetrated by the trends of the modern world art. The Japanese are still sure of the autonomy of their own culture. A European look at it may be different.
Tomio Matsuda – A-21 International Art Exhibiotion Osaka
Danuta Pałys – Galeria Miejska bwa Bydgoszcz

Exhibition: 2006.09.01 – 2006.09.30

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