We invite you to take a guided tour of the “(In)visibility of writing” exhibition, presented by its curator, Michał Tabaczyński. He is a translator, essayist, editor-in-chief of Bydgoski Informator Kulturalny for many years, and a doctor of humanities. He is a collector of typewriters, so he will share his love with the visitors, and maybe he will try to infect them with this passion.
He will talk about writing, the current disappearance of its materiality, but will also devote a lot of time to one of the biggest symbols of the materiality of writing – typewriter.
“Letters have surrounded us, possessed us – never in history have humans written so much, and now they have turned into mad “typewriters.” And probably never in history have humans read so much – even if now they do it involuntarily and automatically (which can sometimes mean: thoughtlessly, with no reflection). We, the people of the late – maybe the last one? or: coming to an end – printing era, have created for ourselves a world of (from) letters. The world which in turn creates us and changes us all the time, only that since we are immersed in the screens of our smartphones, on which these texts multiply, we may not notice it – because the letters have become invisible, just as the technologies of their writing and reading have become invisible. This was caused both by the excess of writing and the disappearance of its materiality.” – wrote Michał Tabaczyński in the text for the exhibition.
This exhibition shows not only typewriters, but also classic works of art, which are worth looking at carefully, hearing their history, context of their creation, ways of interpretation, and, thanks to that, once again read the whole exhibition. We recommend the guided tour both to those who have not yet seen the exhibition, and those who have already done so and want to learn more.
Since for many people February 14th is a special day, you will be able to type a love letter to your beloved one.
Guided tour for organised groups (including from schools) – all day. Time to be determined with the group, registration required: tomasz.zielinski@galeriabwa.bydgoszcz.pl, phone 52-339-30-53

Free admission.

14.02.2019, 6pm
20 Gdańska St.

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