The (nie)dokładnie exhibition in the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz is open until the end of October, I invite you to a special exchange. There will be objects, notebooks, catalogues waiting for you, all signed by me, from the long, over 25 years of my activity in the field of art, which you can take away leaving something from this list in their place: disposable chemical warmers, thermal blankets, underwear, including thermal to underwear, small backpacks (to pack the essentials, food), clothes, thermal t-shirts, socks (wool/synthetic), neck warmers, fleece gloves, sleeping bags (warm but lightweight, preferably synthetics), sleeping pads, blouses, t-shirts – lightweight, quick-drying, power banks, torches and batteries, snack bars and high-energy gels.
I encourage participation in this exchange, but you can also simply donate items from the list. Depending on the success of this exchange/collection, all items received will be sent to the border to support those in need.
It is worth spreading all kinds of support and help as long as we still have energy, faith and see the sense of these activities. The photo attached to the post shows the work, which can be read twice: and all that exists is nothingness/love. It is only up to us which version we choose.
Elżbieta Jabłońska

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