The word “collage” comes from the French word for “glue together,” and means combining elements seemingly incompatible with each other. This technique is used not only by artists, but also by nature. What key does it use? What does it do and what effects does it achieve? Observing the dog models – the charges of the Ostatnia Przystań Foundation in Wtelno, we will see that there are no two identical mongrels. We will think about what turns many parts into a harmonious whole. Why do we think someone or something is beautiful? Is it beautiful what is common and well known, or rather what is unusual and out of the ordinary?
The result of these reflections will be a mural on the wall of the Gallery, which will become part of an exhibition devoted to “Psikusy,” a book praising diversity. Each participant will have the opportunity to create their own mongrels, mixing heads, paws, tails and patches. Dogs of unexpected shapes and various characters will be created. We will create dog images, but also in our own symbolic way, our own portraits, showing the richness of our characters and temperaments.
Just after the workshop, at 6pm, we invite you to the opening of the PSIKUSY exhibition.
After the workshop, during the vernissage, there will be an auction of signed illustrations and books for the benefit of the charges of the Ostatnia Przystań Foundation in Wtelno.
Presented by: Ms. Jurek and Małgorzata Gurowska

Beginning: 10.01.2019, 5pm
20 Gdańska St.

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