Artistic workshop

On that day even the artistic workshop will be primarily an adventure with paints, coloured pencils and rainbow paper. No need to worry you can’t draw something or be afraid something goes not quite well. We don’t force you to do anything particular, we propose a good fun with art, you can try to paint your own picture, or, instead painting, you may tell everyone about your favourite image, about colours, or your favourite season. You can also paint your recent dream or make a still life out of the things you find about yourself.
So, we invite you to participate in a workshop of broad, creative and spontaneous thinking, where the freedom of choice is most important!
….and, by the way, you may learn: what is an image composition, how different artistic techniques can be and how you can mix them to arrive at the desired results…
It’s worth trying!

Let’s not be afraid to create !

Important note for parents and minders:

The goal of artistic workshop is to get children and young people interested in artistic activities, realised on different principles from the ones utilised by schools.
Participation in the workshop helps show emotions, be expressive, spontaneous, reflexive and pensive. Artistic activities are also a form of contact with oneself and your peers, they teach how to work individually and in groups. They prove that reality can be seen in many ways.
Moreover, artistic activities can help in shaping and developing emotional intelligence, they teach responsibility for the choices made.
Note: materials for work are waiting in the gallery!

Workshop led by Beata Kaźmierczak


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