Photographic workshops for children and young people
The goal of the workshops is to instruct the participants how to create vanishing, almost forgotten photographic forms. Photography is not only taking pictures with a digital camera. One can get photographs not only by having the film developed. Photography, or actually its quality, is hardly dependent on the kind of equipment we have or how much we spent on it. How interesting our creation is, and how deeply it will engage the viewer, depends mainly on the idea and its realisation.
Workshop participants will learn about the basic properties of the chemical ingredients used in black-and-white photography, how to prepare them, and, using that chemistry, will create their own images, drawings and forms. An important element of the workshops is to equip children and young people with a new, alternative means of expression, offering enormous possibilities of spatial creation.

Meeting 1
Painting with developer.
Painting with brushes, pressing various forms, materials that are textured or have unusual forms, and using parts of their own bodies, the participants create images that are impossible to achieve using traditional graphic techniques.

Meeting 2
This technique works by putting different objects on photographic paper – their shadows, after exposing and fixing, result in one-of-a-kind compositions. This technique uses materials that let the light through, and ones that do not. Calculating the exposition time for each of the objects or a set of objects, the participants create unique patterns, forms and images.

Workshop coordinator: Waldemar Domagała

2008.03.15, 2008.04.12

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