Secrets of the work of a reporter and a documentary film maker
The Festival of the Documentary Art CAMERA OBSCURA, together with the Municipal Gallery bwa, presents a cycle of showings and seminars titled: "Secrets of the work of a reporter and a documentary film maker

We live in the times of widely available digital tools for recording and transmitting. Today, each of us armed just with a phone loaded with multimedia apps or a simple digital camera/camcorder can tell stories about the reality around us, the people from the neighbourhood, can comment on everything that happens around us. Do we like to watch other people? Why are we interested and excited by facts from the lives of strangers? Why do we feel the desire to talk about it or watch it, listen to such stories? How can we learn to use the cutting-edge communication tools in a more responsible way? How can we use these tools to talk about things that are important to us? We will be looking for answers to these and many other questions in a series of monthly meetings at the Municipal Gallery bwa.
Admission free

07.02.2012, 6pm – Choosing the subject
Where to look for good subjects? What should be included in a good subject? What is the actual subject of a reporter’s or a documentary account? What elements of the subject should be emphasised while working on a reportage or documentary? How a subject should be documented?

20.03.2012, 6pm – Sztuka rozmowy (The Art of Conversation)
What is a conversation in a reportage or a documentary? How to conduct a good interview? What to talk about, what to ask about? What answers do we look for? <br>

17.04.2012, 6pm – Struktura opowieści (Structure of a story)
What is a narrative structure? How to create tension in a story? How to use the available means: image, sound, commentary?

15.05.2012, 6pm – Sztuka opowiadania obrazem (The Art of Talking in Images)
What are the narrative functions of an image? How to construct a visual structure out of images? What is visual expression? Pragmatic and symbolic value of image?

12.06.2012, 6pm – Śledztwo dziennikarskie (A Journalistic Investigation)
Are journalistic investigations necessary? Is a journalist, a documentary film maker entitled to do the job of the prosecutor’s office or law enforcement bodies? How to carry out an inquisitive journalistic investigation? How does one prepare for a journalistic investigation? What is the responsibility for the presented facts?

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