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On Wednesday, November 14th, 6pm, we would like to invite you to visit the Municipal Gallery bwa for a meeting with Katarzyna Kowalska, the author of the book: “Polski El Greco. Ekstaza św. Franciszka. Niezwykła historia odkrycia i ocalenia obrazu.” (Polish El Greco. Ecstasy of St. Francis. The incredible history of discovering and saving the painting) The event will be enriched with musical and acting elements, and the discussion will be moderated by Adam Wierzbanowski, the director of the meeting.
“Polish El Greco” – When in 1964 two young art researchers, Izabella Galicka and Hanna Sygietyńska, noticed a worn-out darkened painting in the parish of Kosowo Lackie, they thought that their discovery would be a sensation in the art world. Meanwhile, “Ecstasy of St. Francis” by El Greco disappeared for decades – the carefully hidden image was only brought to people’s attention by journalists from time to time. The work of the artist from Toledo was exhibited to the public only after forty years. But where had it been for decades, and what attempts were made to resolve the dispute over its authenticity? Katarzyna J. Kowalska investigates this unbelievable story with journalistic insight, discovering one of the greatest secrets of Polish art history.

Katarzyna J. Kowalska – journalist and reporter. She has produced hundreds of materials and documentaries from cultural events as a journalist of “Panorama” on the Polish Public Television. Her cultural and historical reporting was broadcast on TVP INFO and TVP2. In 2017, she was awarded the title of Benefactor by the National Museum in Krakow for her numerous and insightful reporter accounts. In her free time she travels, visiting Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, as well as Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she recorded her reports. She is the mother of two energetic boys, with whom she also travels to various interesting places, mainly in the north of the globe.
Admission free
14.11.2018, 6pm
20 Gdańska St.

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