Subject: We are stippling!
Presented by: Joanna Truszkowska

Stippling is a restoration activity. In art conservation, it involves filling in the missing layer of paint in a painting. The scoring substrate can be a painting canvas with white ground or paper. To learn stippling you need to complete a six-year master’s degree, but to learn the technique you only need to come to a conservation workshop.
On prepared primers imitating the destroyed paintings of Hanna and Jacek Żuławski, we will paint with acrylic paints, matching the colours to what remains of the painting. In addition, in the exhibition hall, boards will show an example of the extent of the conservation and restoration work carried out on Hanna Żuławska’s paintings. We warmly invite you to join us, perhaps someone will find the soul of an artist-conservationist in themselves.
Joanna Truszkowska – graduated from the Leon Wyczółkowski State Art College in Bydgoszcz and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, majoring in Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art with a specialisation in conservation of painting and polychrome sculpture. During her studies, she completed a five-month internship in Ancona (Italy). There, she worked on the conservation of wall paintings at Jona Palace as part of the European Leonardo da Vinci programme (2004). From 2008 to 2022, she worked at the Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz, in the Museum Collections Department, as a senior conservator. She was primarily involved in the conservation of objects of ancient, contemporary and ethnographic paintings and polychrome sculpture, and additionally carried out preventative work on paper museums. She implemented a project of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage concerning the conservation of a group of works on paper by Leon Wyczółkowski in cooperation with the Department of Paper and Leather Conservation at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. As part of museum events, she led art workshops for children and adults on conservation, gilding and art. Currently, she works as a custodian at the NCP.Art analysis and conservation workshop in Bydgoszcz.
“Art in the High Noon” is a series of meetings devoted to art and culture in a broad sense, addressed to people aged 60+. The meetings offer discussions on contemporary art, and creative activities that develop cognitive processes, improving manual dexterity by learning different art techniques and forms of art.

04.03.2024, 12pm, 20 Gdańska St.

number of participants: 15-20 people
registration: Artur Owczarczak – phone 52 339 30 53,

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