Lecture of theBydgoszcz Academy of Art
Drawing was the first and easiest way to present and design reality on a plane. In the current assessment of a drawing, it is difficult to assume a sudden change in this role. We can only have an impression of movement due to the dynamic context of the image. The ever smoother boundary between drawing and image describes the environment in which it occurs and the current difficulties in interpreting it. This limit is blurred by the ability to create an image without drawing. The situation is more complicated, because the drawing itself can become an image of itself. Scanning, digitalisation, digital reproduction are processes that separate drawing from the natural context of time, matter, scale and form towards the image. These processes have already significantly changed the perception of drawing. In digital form, detached from craftsmanship, it reaches spaces that haven’t been penetrated yet: micro- and macro-scales, which are inaccessible to the manual skills of a graphic artist, but still possible to perceive visually. The drawing hidden in the picture has broken away from the time and space of notation in order to reach further and faster.
How to define a drawing and what is its anatomy?
A drawing is a notation of reality or imagination in the form of a linear trace of a gesture. In its structure, it is a dynamic aesthetic information. It is more inclined towards searching for order in reality and its notation than trying to be faithful to its image. The sense in drawing is revealed during the creation in time and space, and the sense of the image is revealed in the discovery, outside the time and space of the creation. What I feel separates a drawing from an image is the difference between a physical gesture of creation and a mental gesture of choice. French aestheticist Maurice Merleau-Ponty described the essence of gesture as an activity that inaugurates sense; therefore, drawing based on gesture also expresses, and not only mediates, expression. A drawing is not only a form but also a content. (Piotr Tołoczko)

16.05.2018, 6pm 20 Gdańska St.
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