Discussion panel accompanying the exhibition: „ New Tendencies in Polish Painting”

Dr Bożena Kowalska (art historian and art critic, member of the Chapter of the „ New Tendencies in Polish Painting” exhibition)
Dominika Baliga (art historian, representative of „ Obieg”)
Przemysław Jędrowski (art historian and art critic, member of the Chapter of the „ New Tendencies in Polish Painting” exhibition)
Łukasz Guzek (art historian and art critic, independent curator)
Krzysztof Stanisławski (art historian and art critic, independent curator)
the discussion will be moderated by:
Wacław Kuczma -the director of the Municipal gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz, co-curator of the „ New Tendencies in Polish Painting” project

the meeting&acutes coordinator is:
Beata Kaźmierczak -co-curator of the „ New Tendencies in Polish Painting” project
The goal of the panel is a discussion based on answers to the questions:
– What is the Polish painting in the global context
– Is it new in the Polish or European context

The „ New Tendencies in Polish Painting” exhibitions strives to define, among others, the cultural attitudes of Polish painting, together with the tendencies showing the unique identity of artistic idea in relation to attitudes present in the painting outside Poland.
Obviously, in modern world it is impossible for the Polish art to be completely separate from international achievements. However, existence of certain characteristics in Polish art is assumed, that demonstrate certain autonomy based on the premises of the contemporary world.
The exhibition presented currently in the Municipal gallery bwa is a great material for both learning and potential discussion.
We hope that the discussion panel organised during the exhibition will contribute to the painting discourse and give a chance to consider whether the contemporary Polish painting is, and to what extent, an epigonic form
in relation to productions in Europe and the world?

„ The time for Polish art is great -the gates are wide open; actually, there are no gates. But any boom for Polish art is hard to notice, contrary to what happened with the art of Russia, China or the former Yugoslavia. We do make appearances, but only occasionally, and that&acutes not much. Maybe there is something not quite right with our art, our
painting, which blossoms out in the world, however… Or maybe we cannot talk about Polish painting, Polish art any more. „
/Excerpt from the introduction by Wacław Kuczma
to the exhibition&acutes catalogue/

„ Polish painting has not undergone the process of objectivisation in Europe, hence its position is and will be dead and unnoticeable. And completely distorted. Thinking of Polish painting, this defect is the most visible. The Polish painting of the 20th century still -in great uncertainty -awaits its critical verification
and proper positioning in the European culture. „
/Excerpt from the introduction by Ewa Rybska & Władysław Kaźmierczak
to the exhibition&acutes catalogue/

/Beata Kaźmierczak
project&acutes co-curator/

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