In my work go back to the sources. When I started to make ceramics, I found a beautiful red clay brick washed up by the sea. I had in my hands a ceramic element and at the same time a long history, thousands of anecdotes, small and big buildings, millions of people in the world processing clay. Since then, becoming a ceramicist has involved a constant acquisition of knowledge about my predecessors and their creations. Both those who made the vessels and those who made the bricks. The combinations of old and new, found and made, unwanted and re-created, natural and manufactured, are part of my artistic language.
I am interested in the roundness of time, which determines the unique repetition of phenomena. I observe, translating changes and movement into my language. I do not comment directly on the situation. I construct artefacts or spaces that provoke reflection, that break out of the rhythm of everyday life. Sometimes the use of found objects, altered by the passing of time, brings the past into the present of the observer, evokes time as a source of transformation. At other times, my works give the impression of “functionality.” The viewer is therefore faced with questions: What are they for? How can they be used? How does form change over time and space?
The practice itself is about diligent craftsmanship, systematic repetition in which one job done improves the next. It is about understanding the material and its properties. About experimenting with its capabilities and my limitations. (Olga Milczyńska)

Olga Milczyńska – designer, ceramicist, artist. Graduate in ceramics from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She gained practical knowledge in ceramic studios in the UK, France, Denmark and South Korea. Lecturer at the School of Form. Co-founder of the August Design Studio. In her original works, she takes up the themes of time and tradition. She is interested in traditional working techniques and their influence on contemporary human surroundings. She has participated in many national and international exhibitions including the Mungyeoung Ceramic Festival and the Indonesian Contemporary Ceramics Biennale.

Online lecture, broadcast: 24.03.2021–24.04.2021

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