During the Night of the Museums, the Gallery was opened from 6pm till 1am

– 8-10pm
seeing the "Balinese Art" exhibition with Renata Lesner-Szwarc, manager of the Toruń branch of the Polish-Indonesian Association “SAHABAT”
One could see (and try) original Balinese wedding costumes, listen to music from Bali, see the photos of the island and listen to the fascinating stories about Balinese culture.

– 6pm and 9pm
International Review of Video Art THE 02
The International Review of Video Art THE 02 aims at presenting to the wide audience various forms of using moving image in creating artistic message. The first edition of the event focused on the international competition, which was attended by artists from 38 countries. During the premiere show in the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery in Krakow and 22 projections in other Polish cities, as well as broadcast on the TVP Kultura channel, the viewers could watch 21 selected video works.
The second edition of the review has a new formula, which includes a special presentation of movies by renowned artists, such as Roger Ballen or Salla Tykkä, and a competition presentation consisting of works selected from the submitted applications. The competition received 656 portfolios from young artists from around the world. The jury, which included Katarzyna Kozyra, Kasumi, Konrad Kuzyszyn, Casilda Sanchez, Arthur Tajber and Zoran Todorović, will select the most interesting film work.
The review presents different strategies for using the medium of video, which is sometimes subordinated to the different languages of art, different visual structures and forms of establishing sense. Video art, historically deriving directly from the installations by Nam June Paik, is now associated with very different types of moving image. This transformation of the term, unrecognized by some theorists, introduces great difficulty in capturing the common features for tracks emerging in this domain. Most of the artists draw their formal inspirations more often from film genres, documentaries, animations and feature films, than from the direct experiment with image and language of expression. Video can also be used for pure registration of an arranged or observed situation or performance art. Artists also use the found footage technique, that is constructing their works using borrowed materials.
During the show we will watch 23 videos.

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