Have you ever feared a creature that, when you turned on the light, turned out to be clothes hanging on a chair? Does the night light have to be on until you fall asleep? How is it that the greatest fears arise at night? Join us for an art workshop where we will break down the fear of the dark. We will talk about fears big and small, but also how to deal with anxiety and whether anxiety is experienced by everyone. We will name and portray fears and spooks in the works we create in order to understand what they stem from, how they arise and where they come from. The ink will serve to show us what we cannot control. Using collage, we will depict situations that are within our control. Combining techniques, we will create works that encourage conversation, reflection and further artistic exploration. In a friendly, inspiring atmosphere, participants will realise an original vision under the guidance of an instructor Edyta Bystroń.

• For whom? Children aged 7 and over
• Can participate with a guardian
• Younger people can participate after a consultation
• Duration: 2 hours
• We provide all the necessary materials.
• We suggest wearing dark or work clothes (an apron will do). We will be working with black ink that does not wash off the fabrics.
• Registration: Karolina Pikosz, phone 52-339-30-62 or email karolinapikosz@galeriabwa.bydgoszcz.pl

The workshop is an accompanying event to an exhibition of children’s work “Carousel”.

30.05.2023,5 pm
20 Gdańska St.

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