Marta Siembab. Scent as an element of interior design – WORKSHOPS
The meeting will focus on the role of scent in creating a mood in an interior. How does scent create the atmosphere of a place? How to create an interior climate with a fragrance? How to create a total interior with fragrance – a modernist teak study, a fairytale children’s room. How can fragrance make an interior perceived as bigger, brighter, friendlier, more luxurious? The fragrance compositions will be presented in the context of the sensations that people look for in a scent, regarding universal concepts such as luxury, purity, space, closeness, comfort.
The meeting is interactive, it is one involving all participants and their senses.
Marta Siembab, the only Polish senselier – a multidisciplinary fragrance expert. She creates solutions that engage the senses in the areas of sales, marketing and communication. She designs scent landscapes for buildings and creates individual fragrances for brands. Active participant of design festivals, lecturer at art, economic and social universities, speaker at technology and marketing conferences. An authority on education around the sense of smell. She works across Europe, translating multidisciplinary knowledge of fragrance into practical applications for business, the cultural world and the arts.

01.12.2021, 6pm
20 Gdańska St.

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