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As part of the Bydgoszcz Academy of Art, we would like to invite you to Małgorzata Budzich’s workshop on techniques for cleaning wooden and veneered furniture.

21.02.2024 (Wednesday), from 16:00
duration: about 4 hrs
20 Gdańska St.
presented by: Małgorzata Budzich (Warsaw)
cost: 250 PLN/person
participants: 10 people max.
registration: until 09.02.2024, 14:00, at

Cleaning furniture is one of the most important steps in the restoration process. Before we can go on to staining or protecting the surface, we need to carry out a number of preparatory works such as: removing old coatings, cleaning the wood, removing scratches, dents, stains, repairing defects, smoothing and degreasing.
You will learn all about these steps during the workshop we are organising on February 21st at the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz. The four-hour class will allow you to:
– learn the most important techniques for cleaning furniture
– practice the use of tools and chemicals
– plan the stages of furniture restoration work
– learn about proven materials to build your own mini-workshop and start renovating furniture at home
Practical materials for each participant: a summary after the workshop with a list of furniture restoration stages, checklists with recommended tools and chemicals.

16:00-17:00 Introduction to the topic
– presentation of the tools and resources we will be working with
– indications as to which techniques should be used when
– discussion of the differences between restoration of wooden and veneered furniture
Participants will work with their own furniture. Tasks to be carried out
– removal of old protective coating – paint, varnish, oil, wax
– cleaning wood or veneer of old wood stain, dirt, stains
– Repairing defects – gaps, cracks, veneer chipping
In the practical part, we will select the right cleaning technique for each piece of furniture, suggest how to repair existing defects, expose the existing colour of the wood or do a touch-up on the wood stain.

Find a suitable piece of furniture – small in size, without upholstered elements. This could be a chair, a bedside table, a newspaper holder, a small coffee table, a small hanging shelf, a table or a wooden lamp stand, a hanger.
The furniture should not have structural damage – there will be no time to glue chairs (e.g. broken legs), tops etc. You can bring such a piece of furniture but we will not deal with structural repairs.
At home, wash the furniture with water and dishwashing liquid and wipe dry.
Unscrew the handles, in the case of a cabinet – unscrew the front, in the case of chairs – unscrew the upholstered parts. If a piece of veneer has fallen off, be sure to take it with you.
Important – in a 4-hour class we will not finish a piece of furniture, but you will learn what needs to be done, how to solve specific problems and what materials to use. The aim of the workshop is to gain a solid grounding in the most important stage of restoration, which is the cleaning of furniture.

Tools, chemicals needed to conduct the work discussed above, work aprons, protective gloves.

Małgorzata Budzich – furniture renovator with 10 years of experience, author of the blog and the book “Meble od nowa” (Re-furnishing furniture). She runs a studio in Warsaw, where restoration and upholstery workshops are held for hobbyists.
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Information and photos – submitted by Małgorzata Budzich

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