Subject: Flowers – a fascinating aesthetic and culinary journey
Presented by: Katarzyna Rymarz
A series of meetings devoted to art and culture in a broad sense addressed to people aged 60+. The meetings offer discussions on contemporary art, and creative activities that develop cognitive processes, improving manual dexterity by learning different art techniques and forms of art.
Meeting agenda:
Flowers at your fingertips – growing your own herbaceous and ornamental plants on the balcony and in the garden.
The benefits of living plants
Flowers as inspiration in painting
Edible and aromatic flowers from your bed.
Recipes for using flowers in the kitchen.
For over a thousand years, flowers have been used in European culture in herbal medicine to support or restore health. Many of them are precious herbs, but some improve the taste of food, drinks and put us in a better mood.
Candied violets
Lavender sugar
Fizzy cornflower wine
Poppy-seed jelly
Aromatised refreshing waters
16th century cordial for melancholy
Rose water made as early as the 11th century by Avicenna
Naturam si sequemur ducem, nonquam aberrabimus.
If we are guided by nature, we will never get lost.
Katarzyna Rymarz, a painter, artist, curator; her passion is botany, herbalism and the growing of herbs. Graduate of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, at the Faculty of Easel Painting (Prof. S. Andrzejewski) and Drawing (Dr. Dorota Jajko-Sankowska). Postgraduate studies Plants and plant materials for health at the Faculty of Horticulture and Biotechnology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She conducts herbal and art workshops, coordinates and arranges her exhibitions and those of other artists. She maintains an herb garden and composes herbal teas (Makowe Lato).
Registration: phone 52 339 30 53,

07.03.2022, 12.00 p.m.
20 Gdańska St.

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