31.03.2010, at 19.00
The movie has been awarded both in Poland and abroad. After the presentation, there will be a discussion with the director, Jolanta Dylewska.

PO-LIN in Hebrew means Poland. These words, meaning “we’ll live here”, were uttered by the Jews arriving in our country, who escaped from pogroms and plagues in Germany. So tells a 13th century legend.
“PO-LIN”, a documentary by a highly regarded camera-person, Jolanta Dylewska, is almost exclusively based on archival material the result of many years of research around the world. The authors of those unique recording were the Jews who migrated to the US, but in the 1930s visited Poland to see their relatives. Quite often, they brought cameras. Those amateur movies present the everyday lives of Jews in the pre-war Poland, saving for us a piece of history which was gone for ever after September 1939.
Jolanta Dylewska visited 19 places where the original movies were recorded, meeting the last living witnesses of that era. The commentary for the movie, read in Polish by Piotr Fronczewski, was created on the basis of the Books of Memory (Sifrei Zikaron) written by those who survived. As the result of painstaking research, on the basis of the information in the books and the memories of the Polish witnesses remembering the times of coexistence with the Jews, the author was able to identify many characters from the amateur movies.
“Po-lin” is a moving look into the world that disappeared for ever, wiped out by the turmoil of war. Here, they were born and died. They loved, prayed and suffered. This was their homeland. Po-lin…
Jolanta Dylewska a camera person, director, teacher and scriptwriter of documentaries. Teacher at the Leon Schiller Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. Her best-known movies are “Głośniej od bomb” (Louder than Bombs), “Tulpan”, “Rozmowa z człowiekiem z szafy” (Conversation with a man from the wardrobe).
“Po-lin. Okruchy pamięci” (Po-Lin. Shreds of Memory) 2008, 82 minutes, written, directed and filmed by Jolanta Dylewska.

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