Roadside crosses and shrines, inscribed in the space of urban and rural areas, the landscape of fields and forests, rivers and lakes, stand by the roads, field and forest highways, at crossroads along the communication and pilgrimage routes. They were boundary markers, which marked the end and the beginning of the village or estate. You can come by them at rural farms, urban backyards, at cemeteries, in places of fights and battles, executions and torture. They are devoted to the insurgents and the soldiers fighting for freedom and independence of Poland, to the victims of violence and injustice, of road accidents. They commemorate important places, unusual events. Crosses and statues of Our Lady, of the Crucified Christ, the Man of Sorrows, saints, were placed in gratitude for the life saved, for graces received, as the expression of repentance, votive offerings for the happy ending to a difficult case, recovery, a successful return from war or a long journey, in sorrow for the loss loved ones. The figures of St. John of Nepomuk, St. Florian, St. Christopher, St. Roch, St. Rosalia, protected against natural disasters and actions of evil powers. They come from different years are of different artistic value. They have great historical and emotional value. They are the evidence of passing of regional traditions. Their distinguishing factors are visual beauty, colouring, the variety of forms and ornamentation. Hewn, carved, forged, moulded they captivate with the imagination of their creators: rural holy-image makers, carpenters, blacksmiths, ceramists. Beautiful and moving. Lyrical, expressive, expressing sadness and grief. They are the most interesting examples of Polish folk art. Wooden, stone, ceramic, metal crosses, shrines, statues and saints were placed in different parts of Poland. They illustrate the religious rites and customs of local communities, their respect for the faith, the attitude towards ultimate matters and daily rituals.

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