Art at High Noon! Workshops for seniors
Subject: Cinema Kitchen – Film and TV Images
Presented by: Jarosław Kubisztal
01.12.2017, 12.00pm
Another film meeting with seniors is an attempt to discover the secrets of another field of the 10th Muse – the work of the cinematographer. During the nearest workshop we will familiarise the participants with the basics of cinematography, but we will also encourage them to get to know the camera on their own. We will present the rules for framing, shooting and lighting of the photographic plan in an accessible form, in theory and practice.
Jarosław Kubisztal – cinematographer and television operator, cinematographer of documentaries, reportage, commercials and music videos. He has also worked on shooting for the series “Klan” and “Na kocią łapę.” Long-time collaborator of Telewizja Polska (Polish Television).
“Art in the High Noon” is a series of meetings devoted to art and culture in a broad sense, addressed to people aged 60+. The meetings offer discussions on contemporary art, and creative activities that develop cognitive processes, improving manual dexterity by learning different art techniques and forms of art.
admission free
01.12.2017, 12pm

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