Subject: How did the Mona Lisa fall under the bed?
Presented by: Adam Gajewski and Adam Juszkiewicz
A series of meetings devoted to art and culture,
for people aged 60+. The meetings offer discussions on contemporary
art, and creative activities that develop cognitive
processes, improving manual dexterity by learning different
art techniques and forms of art.
“How did the Mona Lisa fall under the bed?”

Please join us in front of the most famous female portrait in the world – the image of Lisa Gherardini of Florence, commonly known as the “Mona Lisa”! This meeting is a part of the crazy “Flying Circus of Aesthetes”, which presents canonical works of art in a completely different light. The Leonardo’s work is talked about by a certain Vincenzo Perugia, whose name became part of the painting’s history as a result of… its theft! Who knows if, were it not for this criminal episode, the Mona Lisa would hold such a prominent place in our culture?! – There was much to ponder…
Seniors will be introduced to forensic work and motivated to find evidence of theft. The meeting will also be an opportunity to create a pastiche of the famous work. We will frame and photograph the results for posterity.
Registration by phone 52 339 30 53, or email

09.05.2022 12:00
20 Gdańska St.

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