Fangor… zostaną obrazy (Fangor… the images remain)
directed by Andrzej Sapija
6.11.2014 (Thursday), 6pm
directed by Andrzej Sapija, 58 min, 2013
Admission free
In the documentary by Andrzej Sapija we enter the painter’s study and listen to his stories about life and work, we get to know the story of the artist at the end of life, after which, as he himself says, when the myths get forgotten, the images remain…
Wojciech Fangor (born 15.11.1922) is one of the most important Polish artists — a painter, printmaker, poster designer. The creator of some of the most famous Polish Socialist Realism paintings as „Figures” or „Korean Mother”. One of the co-founders of the Polish School of Posters. Long-time cartoonist of the „Życie Warszawy” daily. The author of the revolutionary exhibition „Study of Space” (New Culture Salon in Warsaw, 1958). After several years of exile, during which he exhibited in major galleries in the world (including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York), he returned in 1999 to Poland, where he continues to create and exhibit his works.

Photographer of Dreams
January 15th, 2015, 6pm
Directed by: Bolesław Pawica
Produced: Poland
Produced in: 1997
Genre: Movie about art, biography
Colour, 51 min
admission free
Movie portrait of the photographer Ryszard Horowitz, one of the best advertisement photographers in the world.
On Thursday, January 15th, the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz will show a documentary about Ryszard Horowitz. The documentary presents the renowned photographer, starting with his childhood during the World War II, to his adolescence in Krakow, to his life in New York. In the movie, Ryszard Horowitz talks about himself and his art, and even lets the camera into his atelier, where we can watch him work. His friends, collaborators and his wife Anna tell tales about him. People from the advertising industry explain why he is one of the best advertisement photographers in the world and analyse his photographs. Other photographers, for example Arnold Newman, share their thoughts about Horowitz’s works; and Polish directors, Andrzej Wajda i Roman Polański, talk about their friendship with the photographer. The documentary is a great complement to the Ryszard Horowitz’s exhibition „RH75” in the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz, which shows 75 of the best and the most famous works of the photographer.

The Reunion
February 12th, 2015, 6pm
The Reunion
directed by Anna Odell
The Reunion / Återträffen
directed by Anna Odell / Sweden 2013 / 82′
Sandra Andreis, Kamila Benhamza, Anders Berg
Multilayered movie by a Swedish artist known for her controversial actions, Anna Odell. It’s a feature, a documentary and a performance in one. In 2009, Odell was admitted to a psychiatric ward after she attempted to jump from a bridge. Her attempted suicide was an artistic initiative which divided critics and the public. The film début of the Swede is no less bold. Odell arranges a situation that, although completely fictitious, is based on real events. On the screen, the artist comes back to her school times — she was bullied by her peers, which left a mark on her later life. When another anniversary of the high-school exit exam approaches, she decides to confront her bullies, but is surprised to learn that she wasn’t invited for the class meeting. The film is a reconstruction of the reunion with her participation. But that’s only half the project — in the second part the director calls her former colleagues and records their reactions during screening of the movie.
Ewa Szabłowska

IFF Venice 2013 — FIPRESCI Prize, Fedeora Award — Special Mention; IFF Bratislava 2013 – Best actress (Anna Odell); IFF Stockholm 2013 — Best First Film — Special Mention; IFF Dublin 2014 — Best Film; Guldbagge Awards 2014 — Best Film, Best Screenplay

Suspect: Ai Weiwei
19 March 2015 , 6pm
directed Andreas Johnsen, Denmark 2013, 79 min
The Chinese artists, architect and curator Ai Weiwei is an important voice of the Chinese opposition, for many years actively criticising the authorities in China and fighting for human rights. Co-creator of conceptual installations, in this the renowned Sunflower Seeds exposition in the Tate Modern, as well as the National Stadium in Beijing; he was involved in revealing numerous misappropriations in construction of schools that collapsed during the earthquake in the Sichuan province in 2008. In April 2011, he was arrested by the Chinese authorities and then held for 81 days in an unknown location and questioned over an alleged economic crime, tax evasion and destruction of accounting documentation, as well as bigamy and distributing pornography in the Internet.

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