Once again, the Municipal Gallery will take part in the Slow Art Day – April 27th, 2019, at 12:00 pm. This is a nationwide campaign, during which visitors to museums and galleries focus on selected objects. All this so that they can focus on art. Research shows that statistically museum visitors spend only eight seconds in front of every work of art. It results in the visitors literally “run through” the whole museum, then they are tired, angry and, what’s worse, they are completely unable to say what they saw. They become indifferent to art. We want to change that!
“During the Slow Art Day we want to show that every object has its own history, which we can discover for ourselves. All you need to do is focus on it and listen to it.” – says Zuzanna Stańska, the organizer and originator of the action. – “Many people are afraid that they will enter the museum and will not understand the objects shown in it. During Slow Art Day, we want to show that it’s not true. – by leaning over a given exhibit, we can come to certain conclusions on our own, be inspired and, as a result, enjoy visiting museums. Moreover, the action lasts only an hour – it’s ideal to not to get tired and see that entering the museum even for a moment we can benefit a lot.”
We will choose a total of 5 works from two exhibitions presented at the Gallery at that time (“Shadow of Freedom” and “Aleksandra Simińska. Arché. Painting”), and our curators will take you on an hour-long tour of art.
Free admission. Enjoy.
More information about the idea of Slow Art Day at www.dzienwolnejsztuki.pl
27.04.2019, 12pm
20 Gdańska St.

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