Dziecko na warsztat, fot. K. Pikosz

We invite you to the summer edition of “Workshop for kids.”
The workshop will be a combination of artistic and educational values, developed through local cooperation with the Chrumkowo Asylum for Pigs. We will prepare a video showing this unusual place, its inhabitants and their stories. We will also talk to the caretakers of “Chrumkowo.” We will aim to show children what amazing animals pigs are and how important it is to be guided by empathy. After the presentation of the video, we will invite children to an artistic activity – creating brooches and pendants depicting the piggy image. We will be auctioning off the resulting gifts as part of the Chrumkowo Charity Bazaar. All this is in line with the idea of acting locally, the belief that every gesture matters. It will also be an opportunity to feel the emotions that accompany the auctioning of works of art. The title of the workshop itself refers to the artworks created, but also to the fact that each Pig makes a Unique Oink.

We invite the children with their guardians.
Dates: 1.07 and 5.07, also 16.08 and 20.08, 11 a.m., duration – around 1.5 hours
admission free, registration required: phone 52 339 30 62.

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