Carl Hansen

Scandinavia is a very rich and culturally diverse area. One of the most important elements of its international recognition is design. The northern design has many common features that underpin the Nordic design ethos, which consists of a commitment to local traditions, high-quality materials and a democratic approach to design and its social role in everyday life. For more than a century, Scandinavian design has undergone numerous transformations connected with cultural changes and the development of civilisation – from modernism, through pop art, to ecologically engaged designs. The lecture will be a journey through the most important achievements of the last century in Northern design, showing its richness and range of style tendencies.
Dr Anna Wiśnicka – art and design historian, specialising in the design and contemporary art. Author of the book “Simo Heikkila – Designer’s Life and Work” on Finland’s design. Academic lecturer, ambassador of the anniversary exhibition “Echoes 100 Years in Finnish Architecture and Design” organised by the Finnish Embassy in Poland. Privately, a keen traveller, passionate about contemporary prose and Scandinavian and Italian design.
photographs provided by the author of the lecture
27.04.2022, 6 p.m.
20 Gdańska St.

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