The Canary Islands are mainly associated with Spanish-island architecture. However, in the midst of the typical tourist facilities and traditional buildings, one can encounter unusual contemporary buildings that have been inspired by the landscapes of this volcanic archipelago.
Culture is derived from the natural features of a place, from what surrounds us in it. Respect for the existing landscape and the coexistence of architecture with it is extremely important in times of mass urbanisation.
The lecture will present architectural objects that harmonise majestically with nature instead of opposing it with unnatural forms. From César Manrique, the artist-architect who managed to preserve the natural appearance of one of the islands, Lanzarote, by creating rigid building rules, to Fernando Menis, who constantly uses architectural media like a sculptor to create sceneries like nature creates its volcanic landscapes.
Dr. in architectural engineering Anna Miśniakiewicz – architect, academic teacher at the Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław University of Technology. She is involved in barrier-free architecture, universal design and design for the elderly. She works at the intersection of architecture and service design, co-leads the CoSIE research and implementation project on co-creation of public services, author of scientific and popular science publications. She had professional training at, among others, IAAC in Barcelona and SLPU Menis in Tenerife, where she had the opportunity to learn about the architecture of the Canary Islands.

Lecture online from 27.01.2021 untill 27.02.2021

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