To reflect on the dialogue between painter and the audience, first I’m going to present all the definitions of the elements of the topic and the work itself, which is a kind of the subject of this dialogue. I will also try to clarify what we call a creative act, the result of which is the work and, as a result, this dialogue; consisting of an action of the artist and the effort of the recipient. We will also give some thought to what painting in the human world is, whether it is just a by-product of evolution, inadvertent excess in the life of mankind, or something necessary. I will discuss all of the above issues using specific examples of paintings by, among others, such painters as: Vincent van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Witkacy, Leon Chwistek, Henryk Stażewski, Adam Marczyński, Francis Bacon, Jan Berdyszak and others.
Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska born in 1963, art historian (KUL), museologist curator of the collection of Polish modern art in the Regional Museum in Toruń. The author of numerous exhibitions, texts about art and catalogues. She’s been dealing with the artistic environment of Toruń in the twentieth century, especially in the years 1920-1939. Member of the Association of Art Historians and the POKAZ Critics Club in Warsaw.

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