Podczas pokazu A SCORE / PARTYTURA w Galerii Miejskiej bwa w Bydgoszczy/ fot. Wojciech Woźniak

A dance and composition workshop Arranging the body in real time
Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz, Saturday 20.01.2018, 4pm-8 pm

A movement workshop focusing on body awareness and improvisation. During the workshop we will explore the most important dance practices (from cardio training to somatic practice) and arrangement practices from the field of contemporary choreography. No tension. No pressure. The movement and its intensity will result from a conscious choice rather than an order. The movement will be an opportunity for development, a potential and an intended creative decision.
The concept of transformation, which is the most important tool in the artist’s movement practice, will play a key role during the workshop. Transformation understood as the process of continuous change, minimisation and exaggeration, enslaving and liberating the body and movement at the level of a single gesture and emotion. On the other hand, the simultaneously developed practice of attentiveness will allow us to see the smallest changes in movement and break them down. Thus it will open the way for informed manipulation. Constant construction and deconstruction, build-up and reduction of material will present our bodies as spaces for a play of infinite amounts of meanings and possibilities.

AGNIESZKA KRYST – a dancer and a choreographer. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, at the Faculty of Dance Theory and Choreography. She is a scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy 2013/Art Station Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk. She has been a laureate of the GPS/Global Practice Sharing study exchange program conducted by Movement Research in New York in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance and the Art Stations Foundation. As a dancer and a performer, she worked, among others, with: Karolina Kroczak, Tomas Nepsinski, Juan Domìnguez Rojo, Noa Shadur and Konrad Smoleński, Małgorzata Haduch, Sjoerd Vreugdenhil, Marta Ziółek (in “Monadologia. Traktat o relacyjności” or “Zrób siebie”), Joanna Leśnierowska and Janusz Orlik (for a Brazilian-Polish performance “Semente”, which premiered in Salvador (BRA)) or Rebecca Lazier, in whose performance “There might be others” she acted in Poland and New York City. Finalist of the New Europe Festival 2013 choreographic festival/competition in Prague, during which she presented (as a choreographer and dancer) a solo “Pressure” and a duo “Liquid state of mind.” In 2015, she became a resident of the Solo Projekt Plus programme, for which she created a solo work entitled “Partytura” (‘A Score’), presented – among others – at the Old Brewery, New Dance Festival at the Malta. One of her latest projects is the performative installation “Venus of Wawa”, created for the exhibition “Better Me”, which was curated by Magadalena Komornicka, in Warsaw’s Zachęta.
She is a member of the Centrum w Ruchu group, a space for performing arts in Warsaw.

The workshops are a part of the Programme of the Artistic Residence of the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz / Poland.

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