Concert during MÓZG Festival international contemporary music and visual arts festival.

Folded Maps of Time (FoMaTi) is an immersive audio-visual work for live performance that integrates biosensoric electromagnetic systems (MC) and object-oriented electrified percussion (CC). The audience will be surrounded by a multichannel sound and video system, as if inside a living organism, or virtual brain, with multiple inlets, outlets, channels and infinite chaotic entanglements: these are our folded maps of time; a flux of unstable memories and constant flow. Brain activity will be projected as a virtual floating model of in a collage of graphic forms, photographs, B&W videos and live real-time images, macro and microscopic. Ambisonic surround-sound projection will map an analogue internal brain – this being one critical core of the performing system, since biofeedback plays a significant role in all aspects of the performance: selected brain waves (delta, theta, alfa, beta, gamma, meditation, attention, raw data) being used as both readers and processors of performer behavior to mediate the subconscious and intuitive selection of prepared, pre-composed and performed materials. Against the intuitive stands the deliberative – as brainwave-driven sounds and images are interpreted and interleaved in real-time by sounds physically and intentionally generated by a second performer using electronically processed and spatialised percussion – the sum feeding back organically, or contrarily, into the monitored state of mind of the first performer. Thus brain biofeedback will be multiplied and extended in performance through a mélange of voluntary and involuntary feedbacks, occasioning cascades of reaction from both performers. This commission offers a unique collaboration between the Polish composer and artist Marek Chołoniewski and the British percussionist and composer, Chris Cutler, integrating Chołoniewski’s award-winning audio and audio-visual work in electroacoustic performance, and Cutler’s history of creating vanguard works across multiple genres using extended instruments and techniques.

09.09.2023, 11 pm
Gdańska 20

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