Gosia Bartosik. Grube kości. 2019

Gosia Bartosik Residence “Drawing as a resistance movement” is project that have been selected for the programme of the Artists-In-Residence Programme of the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz 2020.

Together with the artist, we will consider and experience what drawing is today. For the artist, drawing is language, autonomy, and the right to express oneself. It plays an important role in shaping ways of thinking, looking, observing closely and drawing from the environment. Drawing as a resistance movement is the slogan with which Bartosik wants to “encourage wise participation in the creation and reception of art and reality (…), a different view on drawing itself; to disenchant the ‘frivolousness’ of drawing, to indicate that it is important for everyone, regardless of age, knowledge, social status.” We will also look at the role of drawing in education and in making independent decisions, as well as in studying the composition of the world, in cooperation with schools and education clubs.



3 Gdańska St., March
Gosia Bartosik during the opening hours of the Gallery at the 3 Gdańska St. is a project open to everyone.
Monday – Thursday 11-6pm
Friday 11-2pm
Exept for:
06.03: closed
16.03: 12 – 6pm
20.03: closed

It is a task in which every person will be able to express themselves in the language of drawing. Small Manifestos is an invitation to speak, to be willing, to oppose, to fight for. It’s a request, appeal, a silent, visual scream. It’s an invitation to be responsible and spontaneous.
It is a prepared field of paper with a tool, located in a designated place in both of the Galleries at 3 and 20 Gdańska St., which can be used during the Galleries’s opening hours. The collected drawings will be the material for constructing a common manifesto, which will be shared online.

meeting with the artist with elements of a lecture
10/03/2020 at 12-1.30 p.m.
Drawing as a fighting tool – a slideshow of selected works by Gosia Bartosik discussed in terms of thematic groups: man, nature, living being.
The artist will talk about the habit of looking at the world with sensitive mindfulness, and how one can study the composition of the world through drawings, what it gives, how it moulds a person, and how the drawing process itself teaches about the world.

Proposition of creativity activities; duration: 45 minutes
registration for high school groups: danutamilewska@galeriabwa.bydgoszcz.pl
DRAWING LESSONS is not a lesson in art, it is imagination.
It is a task that busts the “I can’t draw” myth — everyone can.
In the construction of the meeting, I propose to spend 10 minutes on drawing a subject I suggest; the remaining 30 minutes is time for the participants s to draw something from the imagination. The works will not be evaluated.
This drawing meeting is an exercise in observing the world and creativity.
This is an exercise in constructing your own time and conducting your own analysis.
It is looking at the detail. It is rest.
It is independence of understanding.
It is drawing from reality, and the opportunity to learn how to construct a statement.

exhibition opening: 31/03/2020 at 6pm
curator: Danka MIlewska
The exhibition will be a summary of the artist’s activities carried out in March 2020 as part of the artistic residencies program of the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz. 30 days of the artist keeping a drawing diary and studying drawing in the urban space, drawing lessons and workshops, documenting drawings, meetings of the artist with the audience. How much does everyday creative drawing work affect our imagination, freedom of expression, spontaneity, responsibility and shaping of reality?
the exhibition is open until April 30th , 2020

Gosia Bartosik (born in 1986 in Płock, lives and works in Poznań). Painter, graphic artist, graphic designer. A graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Workshop Graphics at the University of Arts in Poznań, currently a PhD student at this university. In addition to individual and collective exhibitions, she presents her works in publications, zines and street painting, as well as during activist and creative actions in non-gallery spaces.
Bartosik’s work is an analysis of forms of human-nature relations, presented through hybridization of beings, mutual permeating of what is human and what is animal, the disappearance of borders between these areas. In her drawings and paintings, motherhood, corporeality, sexuality, and the community of entities against entropy come together in very simplified or biologically complicated shapes. For her, drawing is not only a material basis to realize her own intellectual assumptions, but also a conscious physiological activity. She uses it to tell the physical tangibility of nature and her own loneliness in the need to unite with a world where the difference between nature and culture no longer makes sense.

Curator: Danka Milewska

March/April 2020
3 Gdańska St.

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