Show with a commentary
that is a presentation of the WRO in Tour 07 project

Presented by Piotr Krajewski

From the very beginning the festival was accompanied by the concept of the WRO in Tour project as a natural extension of Biennale WRO. During a specially prepared “WRO in Tour” programme, the awarded and most interesting from among the competition works of subsequent WRO editions are presented.
The programme prepared by the WRO Art Centre presents works from the competition accompanying the 12th International Biennial of Media Art WRO 07. All of the presented works were created in 2005-2007. The WRO in Tour Programme, with works chosen by the art director of the Biennial, Piotr Krajewski, presents artistic strategies that dominated recent years, the styles and trends appearing in the modern media art. It allows to see particular works both in mutual relationships, as well as components of contemporary space created with tools of communication absorbed by art.
The International Biennial of Media Art WRO 07 is the main review of new media art in Poland and Central Europe. Since its first edition in December 1989, WRO presents art created with modern means of creation and communication.

Initially, as the Festival of Visual Circum-musical Realisations, WRO was devoted to presentation of audiovisual works in video and computer art, in installations, performances and multimedia activities. Then, from 1993 on, as a biennial, it explores – apart from all things audiovisual – new strategies and territories of digital artistic communication. This puts forth the question of attitude towards omnipresence of technology, technosphere, question of the artist’s role in the process of merging of high and popular, global and local, commercial and independent culture. WRO emphasises the role of individual artistic strategies towards the art tools on one hand, and of the standardisation of phenomena of modernity on the other.

The WRO Biennial is organised by the WRO Foundation Centrum Sztuki Mediów, currently as one of the projects by the Centrum Sztuki WRO.
(Beata Kaźmierczak, show’s coordinator)

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