Air is a mixture of gases present in the lowest part of the Earth’s atmosphere that forms its outer shell. It’s a diverse mixture, but at the same time the sine qua non of the existence of life. In the Kantorek Gallery I present my symbolic „air” a mixture of several photographic series, where the common denominator is „my” atmosphere, that is various artistic explorations related to the matter of the photographic record, its elusiveness and magic of the moment.
They consist of, in addition to my favorite photographs „Przybysz” (Stranger), four cycles of works: „Przez auta szyby” (Through the car windows) photos takes from the windows of the car during a trip to Albania, Macedonia, Romania. The experience of the road is like cleansing I like it. As a passenger, I could allow myself the luxury of observing the ever-changing landscapes, new situations, anonymous life in a world where I was a guest for a while.
„Home” intimate photographs taken in my own home. The „HOME” project refers to a concrete location I completely identify with, where I am true and safe in the microcosm created by myself and the people that are close to me. The home built of marvelous simplicity of repetition of daily rituals, intimate meanings legible only to the initiated. The home filled with the presence or ephemeral, metaphysical traces. A place of farewells and joyful returns, a reference to everything that’s external, changeable and perishable. My home
„Pracownie otwarte” (Open Studies) in 2009, I took part in an international project realised together with the Scottish city of Perth. Its aim was to publicise and share the creative process, to present the work of an artist „from the inside.” I presented my workshop at the Kantorek Gallery, taking photos of interested, willing people. The photos presented at the exhibition are the effect of the photographer-model interaction; they’re the result of an accidental Meeting.
„Ślady czasu” (Traces of Time) a return to elementary photography. Using a 4×5” camera and making contact prints, I take photographs of our city. These are the photos I am currently working on. It’s an attempt to save from oblivion the memories, places and events related to the years of my childhood and early youth.
Wojciech Woźniak

Wojciech Woźniak, born on May 5th, 1964 in Bydgoszcz. Photographer and musician. He is a member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers. Since 1996, the photographer in the Leon Wyczółkowski District Museum in Bydgoszcz. In 1995-2005 he co-organised the Review of Bydgoszcz Photography (BWA, Bydgoszcz). Author of several solo exhibitions, including „Outside-Inside” (Rother Mils, Mill Island, Bydgoszcz, 2006) and a participant in several group exhibitions in the country and abroad. Significant cycles of works: „Krótka opowieść o miłości i tęsknocie” (A Short Story about Love and Longing) (2001); „Ogrody wyobraźni” (Gardens of Imagination) (2004); „Droga” (Road) (1997-2005); „Pamiątki” (Keepsakes) (2005). and „Przybysz” (Stranger) (currently realised). Co-founder and bassist of bands: Variete and The Cyklist. 2007 winner of the 1st Prize at the International Biennial of Art Photography, Academy of Fine Arts, Lwów

2008 awarded with the badge of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, „Person of Merit for Polish Culture.”

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