Voices of the cosmos III
The concert is a special event of the exhibition “That is which is not.”
VOICES OF THE COSMOS is a project created by two artists of sound: Rafał Iwański and Wojciech Zięba, and astronomer Sebastian Soberski. The creators use the original extraterrestrial signals and sounds captured with radio-telescopes (pulsars, magnetospheres of planets, the Sun, the Northern Lights), archive recordings from space missions and signals from space. Instrumental tracks integrated into the rhythms and tones of the “space sounds” are sonorously rich and created with electronic instruments, both digital and analogue, as well as various acoustic objects. The “Voices of the Cosmos” CD (2011) and “Voices of the Cosmos II” (2013) were enthusiastically received by listeners and gathered very good reviews. The initiative has also received recognition and support in the scientific community (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Polish Astronomical Society). In 2018, a third album is going to be released. The VOICES OF THE COSMOS project was presented in scientific institutions and at music festivals, in the form of audio-visual concerts, also in a version extended to include lectures on astronomy and sky observations. http://www.voicesofthecosmos.com
Rafał Iwański – sound artist and percussionist. Graduate of ethnology at Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń. He performs solo as X-NAVI:ET. Co-founder and musician of HATI, Innercity Ensemble collective and KAPITAL duo, member of ALAMEDA 5. Member of the Polish Electroacoustic Music Association. Co-founder and curator of the international CoCArt Music Festival, which has been organised since 2008 at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń.
Wojciech Zięba – performs as ELECTRIC URANUS. Founder of the Beast Of Prey music publishing house, which for several years has been promoting and supporting electronic, post-industrial and experimental music created by artists from all over the world. He constructs acoustic instruments, running the Industrial Sounds studio and is Poland’s leader in the construction of spring tube instruments. Co-publisher and editor of the HARD ART music magazine.
Sebastian Soberski – head of the Planetarium and Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomy Observatory in Grudziądz. Radio-observer at the Department of Radio-Astronomy on the Astronomy Centre of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He researches the remnants of supernova explosions and the distribution of the magnetic field in the Galaxy. Organiser and co-organiser of six astronomical expeditions to the total solar eclipse belt.

15.12.2017, 6pm
20 Gdańska St.
admission free.

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