Tania Bohuslavska, War diary, 2022, photo: Courtesy of the artist

Official opening of the exhibition is on Saturday 14.05.2022 at 6pm
ul. Gdańska 20

The exhibition I need time and space to cry is a situation in which the artist, highlighting the need for the flow of emotions, directly related to the experience of war, stands in her causality and creates space for crying.
D. Milewska, curator

The war is the end of the world/s, dividing it into ‘before’ and ‘after’, while there is no ‘after’ for many. Worlds – because human is a world, and when human life is not the highest value – it is the end of humanity.
Before the full-scale war against Ukraine, I started a trauma subject art project in 2019, connected to the war (Russian military intervention, 2014). . After the beginning of a full-scale war, I was forced to go. When I crossed the border, I read about a killed child and injured women and children. I needed a space to deal with my emotions. But very soon, news about Russian atrocities and war crimes avalanched on such scales, which overwhelmed me. Then I knew that I needed to create a new series of works as soon as possible. It was a starting point, an intention that has developed.
Thanks to the Miejskie Centrum Kultury w Bydgoszczy residency program for artists, I got a chance to live and continue my work and, thus, testify to what’s happening now to the people in my country in the form that is possible for me.
I’m thankful to the Galeria Miejska bwa w Bydgoszczy for a space where I can show my work and afford such a thing as ‘cry’. And this is an important point – when the enemy can come to your home, you can’t afford tears. To survive and support others, you need to be on the defensive, morally and physically. It is a different ‘mode’. And generally, deep emotions are something that you share only sometimes with your closest and friends. Therefore, this series of works is also dedicated to the solidarity of Poland with Ukraine that continues to impress me.
T. Bohuslavska, artist

Tania Bohuslavska
Born in 1990, Kyiv. Artist, poet. Completed degree in psychology at the National
Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Works with photography, video,
performance, painting and mixed media. Her projects focus on feminist, mental
health and ecology topics.
The series of works belongs to the permanent collection of the MOMus-Museum
of Contemporary Art.
Her exhibitions (selection):
2020 Festival Video Art Miden, online program ‘Ophelia’ curated by Nikos Podias
& Gioula Papadopoulou
2021 R-A-W (Recorded Action Web – Exhibition), an online exhibition of
Performance Art Video Works by Bbeyond (2001 – 2021) Celebrating 20 Years of
Promoting Performance Art, Bbeyond Belfast
2021 International art project #365daysafter, Art gallery ‘Mytets’ (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2021 TRANSmutacje. Festiwal Korespondencji Sztuk (Torun, Poland)
2022 Virtual exhibition, international art project #365daysafter
Solo exhibitions: 2018 «How to handle with inner pain when you are alone», IZONE creative
community, Izolyatsia, Plarform for cultural initiatives (Kyiv, Ukraine)

curator: Danuta Milewska
cooperation: Michał Tabaczyński – Miejskie Centrum Kultury
The exhibition takes place in frame of Artists-In-Residence Programme of the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz

Official opening of the exhibition is on Saturday 14.05.2022 at 6pm
ul. Gdańska 20

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