Milena Wojtkowiak exhibition, ADIDEACJE, is a part of the “PROMOCJE MŁODYCH” (PROMOTIONS OF THE YOUNG) cycle of exhibitions, presenting the art of young people from the Kujawsko-Pomorski region.
In 2005, Milena Wojtkowiak graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, where she studied intermedia graphics; earlier, she studied in the State High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz. She received an “Erasmus-Sokrates” grant in Fachhochenschule Hildesheim in Germany. Won a Grand Prix in the All-Polish Sculpture Open-Air, and an honourable mention in the All-Polish Competition of Computer Graphics in Poznań.
“Art is interpreted ambiguously – each person does it in a different way. For many people, the perception of art brings about various reflections and impressions. Also, there are people who do not understand art. Well, can an artist be fully understood? ADIDEACJE – it is a hidden riddle. I want to provoke the viewer to deliberation. Here, inversion appears – I become the viewer of a human reaction, while the viewer is an artist interpreting the enigmatic content of the work. The exhibition presents movies, installations, paintings. I create small stories, containing my thoughts on human existence and the world I live in. In a moving picture I try to record the poetic mood and character of a person. Invertation, stereotyping, metamerism, or, for example, a madhouse – show irony and irrationality. In installations and paintings, there are hidden symbols and my own associations concerning the space. There are subjects appearing that should be explained in greater detail, e.g. new life and old age with its consequences. In my art, I try to show to other people the problems that cannot be expressed unambiguously with words. I am often driven by image, understatement, vagueness. I am in a monologue with MYSELF. In a certain way, I live in two words -bodily and spiritual -which helps me perceive the surrounding in its various forms and shapes.” (Milena Wojtkowiak)
Exhibition: 2007.04.17 – 2007.05.13

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